Biology- Honors Syllabus and General Requirements 2011-2012

Course Overview

Biology I- Honors is a rigorous course, intended for the student that is especially interested in science. Students in this course are expected to continue in the science program taking advanced/elective courses.

After high school, students would be expected to continue their studies in a scientific field.Biology means the study of living things, and that is exactly what we will be studying this year. Since birth, we have been students of Biology, piecing together how our body works and how it interacts with the living and nonliving organisms around us. This course will be based on two major themes: Cells and their processes and Continuity of Life. Classes will include discussions; cooperative and independent class work, technology integration, diagnostic assessments, laboratory experiments and both formal scientific reporting. There is also an emphasis on organizational and time management skills. By looking at Biology though many eyes, I believe you will find this year to be rewarding both academically and personally.

General Course Syllabus
Module A- Cells and Cell Processes
BIO.A.1 Basic Biological Principles
BIO.A.2 The Chemical Basis for Life
BIO.A.3 Bioenergetics
Module B- Continuity and Unity of Life
BIO.B.1 Cell Growth and Reproduction
BIO.B.2 Genetics
BIO.B.3 Theory of Evolution
BIO.B.4 Ecology

Course Requirements

  1. 1. Each student will keep files in a folder on their macbook. These files should be labeled with their first and last name and the assignment name. Students will be required to show these files in class periodically. Students must also carry 3 ring binder to hold papers not done on the computer. This binder will be collected and graded at the end of the marking period.
  2. 2. Reading, reviewing, and studying should be done nightly. Written homework will be collected and graded. No late homework is accepted.
  3. 3. The daily topic will be listed on ical. All assignments associated with that topic will be listed as well. Students will be responsible for obtaining missed assignment by using the class ical.
  4. 4. There will be one project per chapter. Late projects will result in a daily 10 % point loss.
  5. 5. Laboratory investigations and activities will be done in pairs. Safety is of utmost importance, therefore any misuse of lab equipment or failure to follow directions will result in a zero for that experiment. Each student will write his or her own lab report. Late reports will result in a daily 10 % point loss.

Classroom Responsibilities
  1. 1. Be on time. . . in your seat when the bell rings.
  2. 2. Be prepared. . . bring binder, Macbook and a writing tool EVERYDAY!
  3. 3. Follow directions. . . the first time they are given.
  4. 4. Respect the feelings of others and their right to learn
  5. 5. Attendance and participation are essential for learning…. do your part!
Your success in this class is dependent upon your ability to meet these responsibilities. All assignments and homework will be posted on the class ical. It is expected that you use this tool as needed to assist in your success.

Extra Help
Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. I am available before and after school. Students having difficulty in any area or topic should arrange to see me ASAP.


There will be a comprehensive quarterly exam at the conclusion of each marking period. Also included in your grade will be a combination of weekly quizzes on the current topic, nightly homework, informal and formal lab reports, lab notebook and participation. All grades will be given as points, which are then calculated into a % grade and a letter grade for the report card. Parents and students can access grades by using Sapphire Online (will need to register with district office.)

Total points earned
------------------------ X 100 = % grade
Total points possible

Students are responsible for all missed work. If a student misses more than two consecutive days, parents/guardians are encouraged to call the guidance counselor for assignments.
*Students who will miss a test due to an extracurricular activity or field trip must arrange to take it prior to their absence!!
*When returning from a one-day absence, you will be responsible for taking any previously announced quiz/test.

I understand the above policies and will do my best to abide by them.

Student’s Name_ Date

Student’s Signature:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am happy to have your son/daughter in my class and I look forward to working with you to make this a successful year for him/her. In class today, we discussed my expectations for the year, and I would appreciate it if you would read through my policies and review them with your student. I welcome any comments you have and look forward to meeting you at the school’s Open House, September _th. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me ( with any concerns you may have during the year.

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