Keystone Compentencies to be completed in this unit

B.4.1.1. Describe the levels of ecological organization (i.e., organism, population, community, ecosystem, biome, and biosphere)
B.4.1.2. Describe characteristic biotic and abiotic components of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

B.4.2.1 Describe how NRG flows through an ecosystem (e.g., food chains, food webs, NRG pyramids)

B.4.2.2 Describe biotic interactions in an ecosystem (e.g., competition, predation, and symbiosis)
B.4.2.3 Describe how matter recycles through an ecosystem (i.e., water cycle, carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, and nitrogen cycle)
B. 4.2.4. Describe how ecosystems change in response to natural and human disturbances (e.g., climate changes, invasive species, pollution, fires)
B.4.2.5. Describe the effects of limiting factors on population dynamics and potential species extinction.